Can I Disable a Particular Whole Day?

Yes, you can disable the particular whole day in Magento 2 delivery date extension. Follow the below instructions:

Login to Backend 

Go to Stores ➤ Configurations ➤ AppJetty ➤ Delivery Date, you will land on the “Configuration” page. Now scroll down to the “Day Off Settings” sections. 

Day Off: Select the day on which you don’t want to provide the shipment.

Single day off: Add a non-working day with the sorting order. You can select Day, Month, and Year.

Period: From – To: Set and disable dates for a given period. When you have holidays for a couple of days then you can disable those dates. 

Exclude Holidays: By selecting “Yes” here, all the enabled holidays from Delivery Date > “Manage Holidays” will be disabled for the date section. 

Exclude Holiday/Disable Days From Processing Day: Disable the order processing on the holiday or off day and will not be counted as the processing day in the delivery time. 

After all the configurations click on the “Save Config” button to save the configurations. 

Manage Holidays

Go to Delivery Date ➤ Manage Holidays to add the upcoming holidays to manage unavailable delivery days.

Admins can filter and search the specific holidays, you can change the status of holidays with multiple selections.

Now click on the “Add New Holiday” button and add the new holiday details.

Holiday Title: Enter the Relevant name for the holiday. i.e. Republic Day.

Annual: Select “Yes” if holiday will occur every year.

Day: Insert the date of holiday.

Month: Select the Month of Holiday.

Year: This option will only appear if you have selected No in the Annual option. You need to enter the current year here.

Status: Select “Enable” to enable the holiday.

After configuring all the details, click on the “Save Holiday” button to save the holiday in the list. 

From the delivery date selection, the customer will get the holiday dates disabled for the selection.

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