Can We Have Cutoff Time for the Delivery of Same Day?

Yes, you can have the cut-off time for the delivery of the same day in Magento delivery date extension. Follow the below instructions:

Login to Backend 

Go to Stores ➤ Configurations ➤ AppJetty ➤ Delivery Date, you will land on the “Configuration” page. Now scroll down to the “Delivery Date Related Configuration” section and do the following configurations:

Enable Cut Off time: Select Yes to enable the cut-off time. Cut-off time refers to the end time the order is allowed to be placed to count it for that day’s order; after the configured cut-off time then the order will be considered for the next day.

Disable same day delivery after (Cut-off time): Set the time after which you want same-day delivery to be disabled. 

Enable product wise cut off: Select Yes to enable the cut-off time product wise. Cut-off will be considered on the product level for checkout, cart, and product page.        

After all the configuration, click on the “Save Config” button to save the configurations.

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